To change the world by matchmaking

“We can hardly find the last thing needed to complete this project….”
Unfortunately, not a few projects were abandoned before completion under such a situation.

Linkers is a unique matchmaking platform which enables you to find this last unknown piece of technology information, by using a broad perspective from industrial coordinators with specialized knowledge in respective fields and an IT-based accurate search system.

By developing a new business matchmaking solution to bring together suitable partners, who would otherwise never meet, we build a new industrial structure which can trigger numerous innovations.

CEO Message

We aim to give new business matchmaking opportunities which may lead to numerous innovations and to maximize the productivity of society by restructuring industry in an effective manner.

Yoshihiro Maeda

Management Team

Linkers has five directors and five advisers. They came from different places such as large consulting firms, companies listed on the first section, and academia, where they had energetically been engaged in creative work, and now strongly support our business.

Company Profile / History

We introduce the company outline such as its foundation, scope of business, partners, and capital, as well as its history from establishment to the present.